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Vision & Mission


To establish world class institute of medical education and to train, in a spirit of collegiality with a standard of excellence, outstanding clinicians and innovative and human leaders in medicine and science.


Kiran Medical Collage and Hospital strives for the highest quality in all that we do. The art and science of health require a commitment to lifelong learning and professionalism.

Patient Service

Kiran Medical Collage and Hospital is motivated by a sincere concern for the well-being of all people and we will strive to serve everyone with dignity, respect and compassion.


Kiran Medical Collage and Hospital is committed to the highest ethical standards through its actions and decision.


Kiran Medical Collage and Hospital cultivates an environment of communication, respect, trust and collaboration.


Kiran Medical Collage and Hospital is motivated by pride and dedication, determined to achieve goals of the organization and willing to give our best efforts at all times.

Hospital Values

Respect for All
Patient First
Team Work
Knowledge & Integrity

Comprehensive range of capabilities

Delivering world class health care

SAMAST PATIDAR AAROGYA TRUST is a “NOT FOR PROFIT” Organization. The Trust has setup a 900 Beded State of the Art Multi Super specialty Hospital and Research Centre in Surat, Gujarat. The Hospital bridged qualitative lacuna in the sphere of Medicine, especially amongst the super speciality branches of modern Medical Science. This healthcare facility is in the diamond capital of India, Surat, Gujarat, is open to all patients not only from the state of Gujarat, but also from across the country, and hopefully from other Countries as well.

On April 17, 2017, Kiran Hospital was Inaugurated. In the first six years service journey of Kiran Hospital, 2500000 patients received OPD service and 8 lakhs of patients underwent surgery and were happy with the services of the hospital. More than 200 doctors of Kiran Hospital have left no stone unturned to provide satisfactory treatment to the patients. RMO, Nursing Staff and all support staff including ward aya, ward boy etc. have contributed their best to render treatment services to the patients treated at Kiran hospital. Family members of patients who were treated at Kiran hospital have shown their appreciation and preference to be treated at Kiran hospital. People from different states as well as other countries have also opted for treatment at Kiran Hospital. The ultra-advance facility of Kiran hospital is being taken advantage of by the affording people as well as a large number of middle class people. With the help of Ayushyaman Bharat Yojana, low income people are also getting the benefit of services of Kiran hospital which are on par with international standards.People from all over the world are choosing to avail the services provided at Kiran hospital by obtaining the information through the website. Millions of people have been treated at Kiran Hospital in the last four years and their families are very happy with services. Many people send letters to express their feelings and thanks to the doctors, staff and trustee-donors. The four years' service-journey of Kiran hospital has been very successful. I would like to congratulate our team of doctors, nurses, RMO etc. for their invaluable contribution. In the days to come, the same efforts will be continued for providing better public service by Kiran hospital. The construction of the hospital of all our fellow donors was only for the purpose of providing quality treatment of international standards to the people of Surat city and others in a reasonable rates. 

Kiran hospital treats an estimated 23000 to 25000 OPD patients per month. Consultation charges of super specialist doctors in the city is approx. Rs. 1500/- in but at Kiran hospital, we charge Rs. 250/-only. Consultation charges of specialist doctors in the city is approx. Rs. 500/- to 800/- , but at Kiran hospital, we charge Rs.150/- only. So if we compare the doctors' fees with other places in the city, on an average patients get help of Rs.2 crore per month. If we take the average for 48 months together, there is a benefit of nearly 120 crore. Kiran hospital treats 5000 people every month free of cost, under the Ayushyaman Bharat Vojna to serve people from low income strata. As the cost of Ayushyaman Bharat Vojna is much lower than the market price, if hospital has to add Rs.3.5 crore against bill of Rs.3.5 crore per month for 5000 patients, then 5000 people can be treated free of cost. Thus if we combine the service charge of Rs. 3.5 Crore per month with 60 months, it amounts to Rs. 210 Crore and if we further combine the above mentioned amount of Rs. 120 crore of OPD Service, Rs. 330 crore can be attributed to services provided by Kiran Hospital. Similarly, most of the hospital service are charged 25% less than the market price, 35% less in some cases and 40% less in others. 30 lakhs reports done in 60 months at the pathology department. Similarly all services like CT Scan, CT Guide, Dental X-ray, Doppler Study, IVP Mammography, Endoscopy, Chemotherapy, SPECT CT, Abdominal CT, Nuclear Medicine, Radio Oncology, Dialysis, Health Check Up, IPD services, 20% discount on medicines as well as the patients relative meal in the Hospital canteen etc. This is very large figure compared to the amount charged by others in Surat city. This figure also surpasses our hospital construction costs. Similarly, if we compare the prices of major hospitals in the metro cities of the country, this figure is more than double the cost of hospital building. 

Kiran hospital has been constructed in accordance with international norms. Kiran hospital has achieved NABH accreditation and 652 quality objectives of NABH are being followed. In keeping with these standards, Kiran hospital is considered as one of the leading hospitals all over the country. In the journey of 60 months of service, the main objective of constructing Kiran hospital has been achieved and been made a success.

Kiran Medical College

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts

Our Visionary Leaders


Prof. (Dr.) Sachendra Srivastava
Dean, Kiran Medical College

Kiran Medical College, Surat is fully committed to provide quality medical education and to assure holistic development of the students. The students who will be graduating from this institute will show commitment, dedication and empathy towards their patients and society. We will make sure that they follow ethical practice in medical education and healthcare and set a benchmark for the society. The students will learn modern medicine with our ancient Indian values in an excellent academic atmosphere and ragging free campus. The Kiran Medical College, Surat will achieve all aims and objectives in tune with our vision and mission.

Professional Highlights
Mr. Mathurbhai M. Savani
Chairman, Kiran Hospital

Kiran Medical College is committed to provide quality education in field of medicine. The committed and dedicated faculties of this institute will ensure that students graduating from this institute not only will have technical expertise but will also be graceful doctors to society. Their overall development during their stay here will ensure ethical medical practice by them in their future carrier. <br> <br> Our staff members and students together will leave no stone unturned to provide quality medical care and in the field of research. On their behalf I assure that the aim and objective of the medical college as well as Kiran Hospital Surat will be fully accomplished.

Dr. Shantiprakash Shrivastav
Medical Superintendent

Kiran Medical College & Hospital is committed to develop the institution as Center of Excellence for Medical Education in the service of Humanity. Our Qualified & Experienced staff will make sure to provide evidence based medical education & training to Create brilliant Clinicians for Society.